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A dietary supplement containing the specially selected high-quality natural plant substances contributing to stimulation of erogenous zones, potency increase and prolongation of sexual intercourse. The product is intended for men who experience a deterioration of quality and intensity of their sexual life, due to various reasons.

What is the secret of the aphrodisiac properties of Erekton?

The secret is its special formulation. In the product, we will find the complex of most actively acting ingredients which not only ensure a strong increase in potency of men but also have a regulatory and protective effect on the male reproductive system. The extracts of Tribulusa terrestris, fenugreek, Maca root and common oat are responsible for this special effect. The product is additionally enriched with such ingredients as l-arginine, guarana extract, zinc and vitamin B6.

How do plant extracts of Erekton contribute to the potency increase?

Bioactive plant substances contained in Erekton are above all a source of many potent but safe natural steroid compounds, which very actively contribute to an increase in the level of the male hormone testosterone, which is the most potent activator of sexual experiences. Additionally, zinc participates in ensuring proper control of the male hormonal system, as it participates in almost all stages of testosterone production and metabolism. The combination of specially selected plant extracts in combination with zinc and vitamin B6 protects also against physical weakening, alleviates the effects of fatigue, and improves the mood and general mental disposition, which also contributes to an increased interest in sex.

What makes Erekton create such a strong and prolonged erection?

It is the effect of special composition of potent plant extracts with arginine, guarana, zinc and vitamin B6. Arginine is an amino acid increasing the concentration of nitrogen oxide which initiates the complex cycle of biochemical reactions increasing the blood supply to corpora cavernosa of the penis and being a condition of its strong erection. In many men, as a result of stress reactions, fatigue, hormonal dysfunctions or nervous system disorders, nitrogen oxide (NO) production is too low or too short, which leads to incomplete or short-lasting erections. Apart from arginine, stimulation of this reaction is additionally enhanced by guarana, and vitamin B6 makes sure that this process is not disturbed. It is owing to this unique combination that Erekton allows enjoying sexual experience anew.

What is the advantage of EREKTON over similar products available on the market?

It is the first dietary supplement available on the market which is titrated for the content of Protodioscin. It is one of the most potent plant steroid compounds which are necessary for proper a function of the male hormonal system. Owing to the protodioscin activity, the testosterone concentration in the male body may increase even by 30%. As demonstrated by studies, this is associated not only with an improvement of sexual activity but also with a muscle mass increase and fatty tissue reduction. Moreover, protodioscin inhibits formation of the dangerous hormone DHT responsible for prostatic hypertrophy, accelerated alopecia and acne lesions in the body.

Is Erekton safe?

Although plant compounds contained in Erekton contribute to an increase in blood testosterone concentration, they do not cause an increase in its concentration in the body above the natural physiological limits. Therefore, their use does not cause a risk of health disorders which may occur, for example, in the case of use of traditional hormonal drugs. What is more, plant substances contained in Erekton may effectively counteract the negative transformations of hormones in the blood, having a positive effect on the general health condition of a man.

For whom is Erekton recommended?
This dietary supplement is particularly recommended for men who, as a result of fatigue, stress, or overworking, experience symptoms of impaired sexual function. It is also an ideal product for men entering the middle age, whose concentration of the male hormone testosterone decreases in a natural way. Although the first positive effects of Erekton supplementation are felt after less or more than ten days, it is worth using this agent for a longer period of time.
RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE: 1 capsule twice daily at ca. 30 min before a meal or 30-40 min before sexual intercourse or otherwise as indicated by a sex therapist. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. The dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute of a balanced diet.

A dietary supplement containing active nutrients with a positive effect on the male sex sphere. The product contains standardised extracts of Tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, common oat, peruvian maca, guarana, arginine ethyl ester, Albion® amino acid zinc chelate and vitamin B6.

The science explained the complexity of problems associated with the male sexual sphere.
Along with age, negative metabolism of male sexual hormones responsible for sexual needs and behaviours increases, their production is reduced and – finally – their active levels are reduced. The same hormonal disorders contribute also to the occurrence of prostate symptoms, which additionally aggravates intimate life problems.
Atherosclerotic lesions developing along with age impair circulation, including circulation within pelvic organs, which results in troubles with erection. Circulatory problems are potentiated by stress and nicotine. Atherosclerotic lesions and nitrogen metabolism disorders impair the mechanisms of production of nitrogen oxide, a gaseous hormone which dilates blood vessels and corpora cavernosa of the penis, owing to the activity of which erection can be obtained and maintained.

Research studies proved that some nutrients occurring in food products and plants might regulate the mechanisms of male sexual potency:

  1. Plant steroids of Tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, common oat and peruvian maca increase the activity of male sex hormones, positively regulate their metabolism, normalise the functions of prostatic gland, and enhance sexual potency and physical performance. The high share (20%) in EREKTON® of PROTODIOSCINS – components of specially processed Tribulus terrestris extract – plant steroids which are considered exceptionally effective activators of male hormones, is worth special noting. Protodioscins naturally contribute to an increase in the dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) level, and thus to an increase in testosterone production;
  2. flavones from fenugreek and common oat have a positive effect on the condition of blood vessels, improve functioning of the cardiovascular system, positively regulate the metabolism of male sex hormones and increase and prolong the activity of nitrogen oxide;
  3. arginine – a component of food proteins – is a precursor of nitrogen oxide which stimulates the production of this gaseous hormone and is necessary for obtaining an erection;
  4. guarana methylxanthines neutralise enzymes responsible for inhibition of nitrogen oxide activity, owing to which they prolong its activity and facilitate erection maintenance;
  5. zinc participates in the production and activity of male sexual hormones and normal functions of the prostatic gland, and therefore its deficiency leads to an impairment of function of sexual glands and organs and a weakening of sexual potency;
  6. vitamin B6 participates in the process of arginine absorption by the body and thus facilitates its access to nitrogen oxide production.

OLIMP EREKTON® is a composition using the additive effect of its combined ingredients, enhancing the physical and sexual performance.

Verpackung: 30 Kapseln

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